PGA-KPGA-LPGA Tour, College, Junior, and Average Players.

Prof. Suckki Jang - Director of Teaching & Instruction at Lake Park Golf Club in Lewisville TX. Specializing in teaching Golf Lessons for PGA & LPGA Tour, College, Junior, and average players that are trying to excel and achieve their goals. As a College Professor and Golf Teaching Professional for nearly 45 years, Suckki knows what the College Golf Coach is seeking in a collegiate golfer, what it takes to obtain a golf scholarship, and what it takes to succeed. Directly learned form Hank Haney for over 15 years on how to teach properly. As a result of working with him for the last 28 years as his Director of Teaching, Suckki has worked hand in hand with Hank Haney and various Golf Legends. On the Haney Project, Suckki applied all of his knowledge to assist Charles Barley, Rush Limbaugh, and Ray Romano to achieve their goals. As the best teachers of the state of TX, he has written several golf instruction books, many columns, and varieties of Short game manuals. Suckki has also been focused on Teaching the Teacher. Suckki has resigned his position from Hank Haney Golf on the 30th of April, 2018 and started his own teaching at Lake Park Golf Club.

The Best Techniques in 21 Century
The Swing Connection Bible

"Golf Columns"
On Plane Golf Swing
Intermediate On Plane Golf Swing
Advanced On Plane Golf swing
Professional On Plane Golf swing
"Professional Short Game Manuals"
Mighty Arcing Path Shape Putting 
Soft Sweeping Pitch Varieties
  Amazing Chip Shot and Checking Chip Varieties
Fantastic Low Pitch & Low Spinner
Outstanding Standard Pitch Shot 
  Beautiful High Pitch & Pop shot & Flop shot & Lob Shot
Wonderful Bunker Shots 
Trouble Shooters

Contact : Suckki Jang at 580-695-7491 or suckkijang@yahoo.com for more information.

Prof. Suckki Jang : Director of Teaching & Instruction

The Best Teacher in the State of Texas 2011-2012, 2015-2016, 2017-2018 by Golf Digest. 2018 Americas Most Honored Professionals by the American Registry. 

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Prof. Suckki Jang -Director of teaching & instruction
102 Lake Park Rd 
Lewisville TX 75067

Short & long Game & Full Swing Analysis
Tel: 580-695-7491
Hours: Mon-Sun : 7 am-9 pm